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countrys cool again

Lainey Wilson and Kelly Clarkson “Country’s Cool Again”

Ya’ll know I love me some Lainey Wilson AND I’m all about some Kelly Clarkson “Kellyoke”, so naturally, I was pretty dang stoked to see THIS happen:

ALLLLL the YES right there!


Lainey was a guest on the “Kelly Clarkson Show” this week, and it was just as fun as you’d expect.



Ok, I really want to hang out with these ladies and have a drink or three with them.  They seem like my kind of people!

Also, Lainey is poised for another massive 2024, with her tour and a possibly some new music! Stay tuned…

Also, get her dates at http://LaineyWilson.com

2024 has been pretty dang great musically so far, don’t you think?

Lainey Wilson “Country’s Cool Again”

Lainey Wilson is on FIRE and there ain’t no hosing that girl down.

Fresh off of winning her first Grammy, Lainey just dropped a new song called “Country’s Cool Again”, and it’s catchy, Country perfection!

Lainey can’t miss right now, and I loved that song as soon as I hit play.  It’s fun, autobiographical, and factual… Country IS cool again. In fact, I don’t think it’s ever been hotter, except in the early 90’s when Garth Brooks was setting the world on fire. Country music is HUGE right now, and being a “country girl” myself,  growing up on the genre, and working in Country Radio, I couldn’t be happier. And I am so proud that we have amazing artists like Lainey on the forefront.

Lainey is hitting the road this year, and she’s hella good live. Get info and dates at http://laineywilson.com

Speaking of live music, here’s Lainey debuting “Country’s Cool Again” at Red Rocks last Fall:

Hot Damn, Ya’ll!

Lainey Wilson “Country’s Cool Again”

Ya’ll know I love me some Lainey Wilson.

Who doesn’t these days, right?

I’m happy to say that I was one of the first to the party. I know good when I see it (or hear it, in her case!).

Well, I was excited to see that Lainey is teasing a new song on social media called “Country’s Cool Again”.

Give it a listen:

@laineywilson There must be something in the water…#CountrysCoolAgain ???? ???? #countrymusic #acousticmusic ♬ original sound – Lainey Wilson

Yep. It’s gonna be a hit, for sure.

Also, here’s her performing it at Red Rocks recently:


So, does that mean a new album?

I sure hope so. Her last release was “Bell Bottom Country” which came out last Fall, and was a huge hit. Her latest single “Watermelon Moonshine” is spending it’s 3rd week at #1 on the Country charts, and her collab with Jelly Roll “Save Me” is climbing the charts with lightening speed.

It’s safe to say that Lainey is here to stay!


Find out more things Lainey at http://Laineywilson.com