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January 2023

Bon Jovi Joins the Billion Views Club on Youtube!

Congrats to Bon Jovi by wrapping up the month with an honor that very few artists seem to achieve: The Billion View Club on YouTube!

(I wonder if they get a t-shirt or a sticker or something?)

Their signature song “Living on a Prayer” is the latest video to get that honor.

Wanna see it? Relive your glory days? Or just want a reminder of how badass the 80’s were?

Here ya go.


Can we bring feathered hair and fringed leather jackets back?

I’d be the first in line.

Danielle Bradbery Interview

Ten years ago, Danielle Bradbery won “The Voice” and I remember watching the finale (my husband and I totally voted for her) and we had just fallen in love with the sweet 16-year-old aspiring Country singer.  Fast-forward a decade, and Danielle is back with a feisty new sound and look and I am totally here for it.

She was sweet enough to take a few minutes out of here day to chat with me this week about what she’s got happening in 2023.

And have you heard her new single “A Special Place”?

So much yes here.

I love it! Great sound and lyrics, and I think we all have a few people we’d like to send to that hotel, am I right?


Really looking forward to see what 2023 brings for Danielle. Such a talent, and just a sweet, down-to-Earth woman.


Dolly Parton, Cyndi Lauper, Belinda Carlisle, Debbie Harry and Gloria Estefan “Gonna Be You”


Dolly Parton, Cyndi Lauper, Belinda Carlisle, Debbie Harry and Gloria Estefan have teamed up for a collab that’s on the soundtrack for the upcoming “80;s for Brady” movie… which not gonna lie… I kind of want to see.  Probably because I’m now offically middle-aged.

Is the song cheesy? Oh, heck yeah.  But it’s for a movie about elderly women obsessed with Tom Brady, so I’m thinking it wasn’t meant to be that intellectually substantial. Really, thoughm it’s actually the perfect song for that kind of a movie soundtrack.

Ok, first of all, Belinda Carlisle is still STUNNING. And Cyndi still has those powerhouse vocal runs. Good to know some things never change.


Also, why isn’t Debbie in the video?

I just wanted to feature this song because I’m a fan of all these incredible women, and after watching the trailer, I really want to see the movie, too.

“80’s for Brady” hits theaters on Feburary 3rd if you want to check it out!


Dolly Parton “Don’t Make Me Have to Come Down There”

First off, today is Dolly Parton’s 77th Birthday!

All hail the QUEEN!

You seriously don’t get a better human than Dolly. I don’t think anyone can argue me this.

AND she celebrated her birthday by putting out a new song called “Don’t Make Me Have to Come Down There”!

How cool is that?  I love that Dolly can tackle a serious subject (Like us humans screwing everything up) with a dash of humor.

And yes, we are messing up big time across the board, and need to get to fixing it.  Dolly says so, and Dolly knows.


Can she run for president?  I mean, if Biden and Trump are running again… she’d win no contest.


Make it happen, Dolly!


Miley Cyrus “Flowers”

Miley Cyrus is kicking off 2023 with one heck of a great new Pop single!

For the longest time, I found her kind of annoying in her “Hannah Montana” days, and of course, the years following. But all twerking aside, Miley has proven herself as one heck of an artist, and I absolutely love her voice.

Her new single “Flowers” just came out, and it’s Pop Perfection.

Ok, so the video is weird, but considering Miley once rode a wrecking ball naked, it’s actually pretty tame for her.


“Flowers” is off of her new album “Endless Summer Vacation” which comes out March 10th.

If this song is any indication, I’m thinking it’s gonna be pretty damn good.

Chase Rice “I Hate Cowboys”

Chase Rice released his new single “I Hate Cowboys” and I LOVE it!

Chase has mentioned in the past few months that he’s moving away from the “Bro-Country” sound (Thank God!) and is putting out the music that he actually wants to put out.  His new single “I Hate Cowboys” is definitely a winner.

Oh, and it’s co-written by HARDY, so you know it’s good stuff.


This song has me looking forward to his new album “I Hate Cowboys and All Dogs Go to Hell” which comes out February 10th.

Also, I love cowboys.  I’m married to a Cowboy/Soldier combo, and I highly reccomend it.


Elle King “Tulsa”

Elle King has gone Country, and I’m thinking it’s going to work out just fine…


If you recall, she burst onto the scene in the Mid-2010’s with “Exes and Ohs” (GREAT SONG) and has since had several chart-topping Country collabs with Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley. So, the obvious next move is to go full on Country, right?

Here’s her new single “Tulsa” and it’s not what you think it would be.

Yep, you can definitely tell she’s been hanging with Miranda.

And seriously, what woman hasn’t been in a Tulsa situation?

I can’t wait for Elle’s album “Come Get Your Wife”- love the title!- and it will be available on January 27th.



Fun Fact: Elle is actor Rob Schneider’s daughter!

Shania Twain “Giddy Up!”

I’ve been a Shania Twain fan since I first heard “Any Man of Mine” on the radio in Junior High, and I am SO happy that she’s back!

She just dropped a new single from her upcoming album “Queen of Me” and it’s super fun.

This is the Shania that I love… upbeat, fun, sexy and catchy.  Also, being a horse girl, I’m pretty sure I’ll use this on a Tik Tok in the future.

Shania’s new album “Queen of Me” comes out Feb 3rd.


Can I say it?


“Let’s GO Girls!”

Are These The Best Singers of All Time?

“Rolling Stone” magazine is known for making lists that make almost everyone scratch their head in confusion, and their latest list “The 200 Best Singers of All Time” is no exception.

Here’s the Top 25:


1.  Aretha Franklin


2.  Whitney Houston


3.  Sam Cooke


4.  Billie Holiday


5.  Mariah Carey


6.  Ray Charles


7.  Stevie Wonder


8.  Beyoncé


9.  Otis Redding


10.  Al Green


11.  Little Richard


12.  John Lennon


13.  Patsy Cline


14.  Freddie Mercury


15.  Bob Dylan


16.  Prince


17.  Elvis Presley


18.  Celia Cruz


19.  Frank Sinatra


20.  Marvin Gaye


21.  Nina Simone


22.  Adele


23.  Smokey Robinson


24.  George Jones


25.  Mary J. Blige


You can check out all 200 here.


First off,  Celine Dion isn’t on the list.  Seriously? Like her or not, you can’t deny her talent.

And Christina Aguleria didn’t make the Top 25? Huh?

Freddie Mercury is only at #14?

Where’s Steve Perry at?


Maybe I can be on the list then???

My personal pick for #1 would be Freddie Mercury, followed by Whitney Houston and then Christina Aguleria.

Who would be your top pick?

And what are the “Rolling Stone” staffers smoking?