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July 2023

AI “Barbenheimer Trailer”

With “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” AKA “Barbenheimer” opening in theaters over the weekend with much fanfare, it was only a matter of time until someone made a “Barbenheimer” movie trailer with AI.

You know what?  It actually doesn’t suck.

S/O to Curious Refuge for this.

I would totally go and see this.

Maybe Hollywood should take note?

Dolly Parton “We Are the Champions/We Will Rock You”

Dolly Parton just released another gem from her upcoming Rock album “Rockstar”, and of course, it’s pretty awesome.

I was kind of concerned about how this would sound, as I’m a HUGE Queen fan, but as per usual, Dolly put her magical spin on “We Are the Champions/We Will Rock You” and made it her own, while paying the proper tribute to the Queen anthem.

Dammit, I love me some Dolly.  I seriously feel like there isn’t anything she couldn’t sing and make her own.

Her album “Rockstar” , which features Rock covers, originals, and a star-studded guest list, comes out on November 17th.




Chris Stapleton “White Horse”

It’s a Happy Friday Indeed!

Not only do my husband and I celebrate our 16th anniversary, but also Chris Stapleton just dropped a new single. So, yeah, good things all around!

The new song “White Horse” rocks pretty hard, and you cannot go wrong with Chris’s incredible vocals that marry Country and Rock and Blues together.  I’ve already listened to this five times this morning.

Holy smokeronis, right? All of it. YES to ALL OF IT!

I’ve always enjoyed Chris on higher tempo, rock-inspired songs. His voice just kills on those. Well, his voice kills on everything, but yeah. You know what I mean.

And even better?

Chris announced his fifth studio album “Higher” and that will be dropping November 10th.

Happy Friday!!!!

Lainey Wilson, Elle King and Tanya Tanya Tucker “Texas (When I Die)”

CMA Fest 2023 took place last month in Nashville- have you ever been? Omg. It’s a Country fan’s dream. So many incredible performances from the best in the industry, and the highlights always air later in the Summer on ABC.  Well, they had their CMA Fest Special last night hosted by Dierks Bentley, Lainey Wilson and Elle King, and one of my favorite performances involves two of the hosts, and the “Mother Trucker” herself Tanya Tucker on one of her classics “Texas (When I Die)”

Tanya still has it!!!

And damn, Lainey and Elle do, too.  This new generation of women in Country is straight fire.

Keep on breaking up the sausage party that is Country music!!!

Miranda Lambert Shames Selfie-Taking Fans

You know I’m a HUGE Miranda Lambert fan, and I love pretty much everything she does.

This week, she’s making the internet rounds for recently shaming some fans for taking selfies at one of Las Vegas shows.

Ok, I get it. For an artist, I’m sure it’s annoying to see people NOT paying attention to the show that you worked so hard to put together, and we all know Miranda isn’t afraid to speak her mind!

That being said, these fans DID pay for their tickets, so don’t they have a right to take selfies during her show?  I mean, they aren’t really causing a disruption or doing anything wrong… did they really deserve to be called out?

Oh, and here’s the photo that was taken:

I mean, obviously they are big fans, since they’re at her Velvet Rodeo Residency, right?

My beef is with that they chose to take a selfie during “Tin Man”- one of Miranda’s most emotional songs.

Like, why THAT particular song?

Do it during “Gunpowder and Lead” or something.

Anyhow, don’t mess with Miranda!

Who’s side are you on?

Miranda? Or the selfie-taking fans?

Johnny Cash Singing Barbie Girl

One of my favorite YouTube Channels “There, I Ruined It” just knocked it out of the park with their version of an AI Johnny Cash singing a slew of female-centric Pop hits by Aqua, Spice Girls, and Miley Cyrus.  I laughed so freaking hard that I snorted my crunchy peanut butter out my nose.

Yes, that can happen, because it just did.

Is that not glorious?

Yes, AI is scary, but it has it’s uses like the masterpiece above.



Billie Eilish “What Was I Made For?”

Ok, I’m realllly looking forward to the “Barbie” movie (anyone who knows me would be zero percent shocked by this admission) and the soundtrack is shaping up pretty splendidly as well.

Billie Eilish, who I would think would be the least likely to be involved in the project in any way, has released her contribution to the soundtrack with the emotional “What Was I Made For?”:

Pretty good, right?

Teenage me would have been ALL over this and the emo vibes.

Billie wrote the song and claims it helped her out of a writing slump.  Although she’s not my usual vibe, I have a lot of respect for her and her artistry/talent. I love that she sounds like noone else, and does her own thing and OWNS it.

The “Barbie” soundtrack drops the same day as the movie on this upcoming Friday, July 21st.

You know I’m here for it!


Hailey Whitters “I’m In Love”

One of my favorite newer artists on the Country scene is Hailey Whitters. She’s like Miranda Lambert 2.0- talented, sassy, and the real Country deal. (Fun fact: She was actually Miranda’s body double in her “Fastest Girl In Town” music video)

Hailey had a hit this year already with “Everything She Ain’t” and she just announced a new EP called “I’m In Love” and I’m in love with the title track.

Isn’t that the cutest?

Simple, pure, fun Country.  I love the deer in a rut reference… any Country girl can relate!

I love that Hailey doesn’t sound like anyone else on the radio, and she is the “real deal”.  Iowa born and raised, and a self proclaimed “Corn Star”- I’m here for everything she’s putting out!

She even did a keg stand at her wedding recently. So, basically, my kind of woman!

Her new EP “I’m in Love” comes out July 28th.


Lainey Wilson “Watermelon Moonshine” Music Video

Lainey Wilson is on her way to another #1 hit with “Watermelon Moonshine”, and her new music video will definitely help matters! (Not that she needs it)

Check it out!

First off, Lainey has been hitting the gym or cutting carbs or something. She is looking incredible!

Anyone else reminded of Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine” when they hear this song?

You can check out Lainey’s latest album “Bell Bottom Country” out now.

Oh, and because I have to brag about this… I got to interview Lainey last year, and she is legit the COOLEST!

Check out the interview below.