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gabby barrett

Gabby Barrett Feat. Luke Combs “Dance Like No ones Watching”

Country singer Gabby Barrett released her new album “Chapter & Verse” yesterday, and after hearing songs off of it like her latest single “Glory Days” and “You’re My Texas”, I was really looking forward to hearing her latest effort.

I’m definitely NOT dissapointed in the least!

She’s worked with so many great artists on this album, including Luke Combs who wrote “Dance Like No Ones Watching” and even gave his voice to the project:

Welp. My heart just melted.

You’re going to hear that song at ALL the weddings this year.

How amazing is Gabby’s voice on that song? And I love that she’s staying true to herself as an artist. She says that her music reflects her life, as a wife, mother, and Christian, and I love that.

Family values, people. It’s a good thing.

Gabby’s “Chapter & Verse” is out now, and is worth adding to your 2024 playlist.

More info and tour dates at https://www.gabbybarrett.com/

Gabby Barrett and Miranda Lambert Collab on “You’re My Texas”

Gabby Barrett is gearing up for the release of her new album, and is getting you ready by putting out her collab with Miranda Lambert “You’re My Texas”.

Now, sadly, Miranda doesn’t lend her vocals to the track, but she did co-write the song with Gabby and Hillary Lindsey, and you can hear Miranda’s hand in it for sure!

Gabby will release her new album “Chapter and Verse” which comes out February 2nd.

I’m thinking that’s it’s going to be another big year for Country Music!


Gabby Barrett “Growin’ Up Raising You”

Gabby Barrett continues to put out songs that melt my heart.

The young soon-to-be mother of three, and American Idol star, has really made her mark on both the Country and Pop scene with some really solid songs, and her latest release “Growin’ Up Raising You” is no different.  As a mother myself- not a young one by any means- but still, as a mother to a two-year old, this one definitely hits home.

I’m not crying. It’s allergies.


Even though I was thrity-eight when I had my son, he still “grew me up” so to speak, and really. motherhood has been the most incredible experience so far. Terrifying, frustrating, and absolutely glorious.

Also, Gabby’s latest single “Glory Days” is another great song which has hit me in the feels recently.

Expect more gems like this from Gabby on her new album “Chapter & Verse” out on February 2nd.

More on Gabby at http://gabbybarrett.com

New Song of the Week: 6-21-21

I’m quickly becoming a fan of Gabby Barrett.

At first I thought, “Oh, yay, another Idol contestant. Ok…” But she is quickly earning her spot in Nashville and on both Country and Top 40 radio. Her first hit single “I Hope” was a crossover smash, but I have to say, I like her new single “Footprints on the Moon” even better.

Since the song is just getting released, there’s no music video yet- just a live performance video.  Call me cheesy, (because I totally am) but I love songs that motivate, and this one totally does.  I can see it being a sports anthem or something like that. Being a woman who has had to prove herself time and time again, and have done things I was always told I couldn’t do, I definitely relate to this song.

Heck, these days, we can all use some motivation, right?