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Mariachi Band Covers Creed at Texas Rangers Game

This is random- and awesome.

At the Rangers/Mets game last night, a mariachi band stole the Mets thunder at Globe Life Field when they busted out in an amazing version of Creed’s “Higher” on the sidelines in the 6th inning.

It’s kind of a jam:

I really want to see the full version of this, but all I can find is this 30 second clip.

It’s a pretty damn good 30 seconds, though.

I’m hooked.

I have a feeling the rest of my day is going to be going down the mariachi band covers rabbit hole on YouTube.

See ya!

Post Malone Teases the PERFECT Father/Daughter Dance Song

Damn, Posty can’t miss.

Yesterday, for Father’s Day, he posted another teaser- this time a song that will be at all the weddings when it’s released. It’s called “She Ain’t Yours” and it gave me the chills:


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I’m not crying. It’s totally allergies.


Post Malone is a girl dad, and I love that he has this song on his upcoming project. The little snippet that we have is perfect, and I can’t wait to hear the rest.

Actually, I can’t wait for this entire project.

The more Post Malone puts out, the more I really like him and respect him as an artist.

He also has a new song with Country star Blake Shelton called “Pour Me a Drink” out this Friday.

If ever there is an album that can beat Taylor Swift’s “Tortured Poets Department” (which is in it’s 8th week at #1), Post Malone’s Country album will be it.


Luke Combs “Huntin’ By Yourself”

Happy Father’s Day!

Luke Combs has you covered on your soundtrack.

This past Friday, Luke released an album full of “Dad Songs” called “Fathers and Sons”, and, like everything else Luke Combs outs out, it’s absolutely spot on.

Great writing, great vocals, and all the fatherly emotions.

One of my favorites is “Huntin’ By Yourself” whoch makes me think of my husband, who is an avid hunter, as was his father:

Aaaahhhh… all the Dad feels right there.

Here’s another good one from the album. Well, they’re ALL good, but this is another standout for me- it’s called “Plant a Seed”:

Luke Combs never misses.

His new album inspired by fatherhood, “Fathers and Sons” is out now, and you can get more info, tour dates, and more at http://Lukecombs.com


George Strait “The Little Things”

George Strait can do no wrong in my opinion.

And he just solidified that with his new song “The Little Things”.

It just came out this morning, and it’s classic George:

What a great Country song. It sounds like something George would have released in the 90’s and would have been #1 with.

It’s also a good reminder about what life is really all about- not the big things- but the magical little things in between everything else.

Like right now, my toddler trying to pull my glasses off while I type and my Husky laying on my feet.

That’s the good stuff, right there.

George Strait’s new album “Cowboys and Dreamers” is out September 9th, and you can get info, as well as tour dates at https://georgestrait.com/

All hail the KING!

Miranda Lambert “Wranglers” Music Video

Hot damn, Miranda!

That’s all I can say.

Miranda Lambert just released the music video for her latest single “Wranglers” and it’s AWESOME!

I love when a video tells a story and adds to the song’s visual, and this video did just that:

To be fair, if I was a woman scorned, I would burn the deer heads and the turkey calls, but I’m also a different level of crazy.

Miranda is working on her new album with Republic Records, and I absolutely cannot wait for more.

Sassy Miranda is back, ya’ll!


Def Leppard and Tom Morello “Just Like ’73”

Well, this is fun!

Def Leppard has teamed up with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello for a new track called “Just Like ’73”.

The song represents the musical awakening that the band experienced in the early seventies when iconic artists like David Bowie were changing the scene.

And, of course, it rocks:

Yup. That will do.

I really enjoyed that, especially with the addition of Tom Morello on guitar. It gives it that extra kick.

Honestly, I’m happy that bands from the 70’s and 80’s are still touring and making music. Sure, there’s haters out there saying that they should hang it up. I will never be that person.

Rock on, dammit!

Also, Def Leppard is on a huge tour once again with Journey,  Steve Miller Band, Heart and Cheap Trick- what a lineuo, right???- get dates at https://defleppard.com/home/

Jelly Roll “I Am Not Okay”

Calling it right now: This is Jelly’s Roll’s future fifth #1 Country Hit.

Jelly is currently #1 on the Hot Country chart with “Halfway to Hell”, and has just released his follow-up “I Am Not Okay”.

He debuted it during “The Voice” finale on NBC a few weeks ago, and his fans begged him to release it, so here it is!

Powerful stuff right there.

Like so many of Jelly Roll’s songs, it resonates with so many.

It’s a reminder that we ALL go through stuff, and it’s ok to not be ok.

You’re not alone.

Jelly Roll is on a MAJOR roll this year, and he’s just gonna keep it up from the looks of things.

Check out tour dates and more at http://jellyroll615.com

Kelly Clarkson Covers Benson Boone’s “Beautiful Things”

Kelly Clarkson is an absokutely incredible vocalist.

Say what you will about her, but girlfriend can SING.

And she just went next level on those vocal skills with her cover of the hit song by Benson Boone “Beautiful Things” on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

Check out this vocal trickery:

Kelly isn’t playing around here. Those notes are insanely hard to pull off, but she does it with ease.

Also, her band is amazing.

Kudos, Kelly.

I really love this segment on her show, and she is earning all those Daytime Emmy Awards!

Conway Fitty!

“There, I Ruined It”- one of my favorite content creators- has done it again!

This time he combined the legendary Conway Twitty with Rapper Fifty Cent for an Old-School Country version of “In Da Club”.

Yes, this is entirely necessary:

You’re welcome for this.

Find more awesomeness at https://www.youtube.com/@ThereIRuinedIt

Meghan Trainor “Whoops”

Meghan Trainor is back with a super fun new album called “Timeless” and a song off of it is getting some attention called “Whoops”.

The song is pop perfection, and anyone who has been cheated on in the past like I have can definitely appreciate the sentiment.

Meghan dropped the music video for the song today, and it’s so fun, sexy, and sassy, just like Meghan herself:

Yassss girl!

Work. It.

Meghan is still ALL about that Bass, as she should be.

Check out Meghan’s new album “Timeless” out now, and her tour dates for 2024 with Paul Russell and Natasha Bedingfield at https://www.meghan-trainor.com/