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New Song of the Week: 8/7/22



I’ve been rocking to Papa Roach since “Last Resort” became every wannabe angsty teens anthem in 2000. Kind of depressing that was 22 years ago, but whatever.  And what I love is that they continuously put out new music that is fresh but still has their unmistakable sound.

Their latest single “No Apologies” is such an important song right now, espeically with so many suffering from mental health issues. I hope everyone has someone in their lives that they don’t need to apologize to. Things happen. People go through stuff. Being a human is hard. I like that this song touches on that, and hopefully helps someone in the end.

After almost 30 years, Papa Roach is still getting it done. Also, their new album “Ego Trip” is out now.

New Song of the Week: 7-29-22


I’m going to be totally honest- I wasn’t really int Halsey’s last album “I’m Not a Woman, I’m a God”.  But after the release of her new single “So Good”, I’m definitely excited for what she has next!

What I really like about Halsey’s music is that she puts out perfect pop songs that are catchy AF, but still have meaningful, relateable lyrics.  Plus, she’s an endometiosis warrior like I am, so there’s that. I’m always appreciative of celebs who bring light to this condition!

Anyway, looking forward to more like this from Halsey.

And I wish I could pull off blue hair.

New Song of the Week: 7-22-21

Ok, so maybe it’s not brand new… but when it hit, I was on vacation, and it’s still new enough to Rock radio that I wanted to give it a mention.

I’m a longtime Three Days Grace fan. They’ve consistently put out great, radio-friendly rock songs over the past couple of decades (which makes me feel old AF) and their new song “Lifetime” is another surefire #1.  It’s got a great sound, hell of a message, and triggers emotion.  And the video has me wishing I wore waterproof mascara today.

The overall message is one I can’t stress enough.

Appreciate all you have. It could be gone in a heartbeat.

I’m gonna go cry some more now.



New Song of the Week: 7-15-22

I love the Zac Brown Band (aside from their experiemental album that we won’t name here) and Cody Johnson. So, when I heard they were re-releasing “Wild Palomino” with Cody, I was ALL for it.

The result? Fantastic, of course.

Also, I have a Palomino horse. You can put reins on her. But still…

Songs like this make my heart happy.

It’s also national “I Love Horses Day” so it’s even more perfect.

New Song of the Week: 7-8-22



Ok, so I’m late to the “Stranger Things” party, as I usually am with any popular TV show, but due to the amazing soundtrack, I’m totally interested.  Plus, I love all things 80’s… and after hearing this remix of “Separate Ways”, I’m even more intrigued.

I love the original, and this is such a cool, haunting version.

Right? So cool.

Also, I hear that Steve Perry and Neal Schon are rekindling their friendship.

A Steve Perry/Journey reuinion?


I mean, a girl can dream…

New Song of the Week: 7-1-22

I’ve always been unapologetically a Swiftie. From the start, I found her talented, endearing, and I’ve always enjoyed her music.  I know she has a ton of haters out there, but thats what happens when you are continuously successful and slaying the game.

Anyhow, she’s got a new song out off the soundtrack to the movie adaptaton of “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens (GREAT book! I read it a couple years back and thought it would be a fantastic movie idea) and it’s perfect for the movie. Haunting and beautiful, and catchy enough to get stuck in your head- it’s called “Carolina” and it’s a great effort by Taylor.

Ok, now I reallllly can’t wait to see the movie! It hits theaters on July 13th.


Also, I hear Taylor and Joe Alwyn are engaged? If the rumor mill is true, Congrats!!!!!

New Song of the Week: 6-24-22

I’ve been out of the music loop the past few weeks due to vacation, and then a sick dog.

Ok, I’m baaaccckkk and I’ve been waiting for this one…

Kacey. Freaking. Musgraves.


I know this song has been covered a million times, but somehow Kacey can make anything sound special and original.  Her voice is flawless and has a haunting quality about it, and she definitely understood the assignment on this one.

Righhhtttt? Damn, Kacey.


Of course, this cover is off of the Elvis biopic soundtrack, which by the way, is in theaters as of today.

Find out more about the soundtrack- which is pretty fantastic- here.

New Song of the Week: 6-4-22

I met Lauv a few years back in Nashville when he had a hit song with “I Like Me Better” on Top 40 radio, and he is back in a big way with his new single “All For Nothing”. It’s a perfect Summer vibe, and definitely one I’ll have on my horseback riding playlist. Yes, I have a playlist for when I ride. I stick my phone in my sportsbra and jam out on my horse- she loves it!

I almost didn’t want to like the song because the title is mispelled (One of my big pet peeves, but I’m lame like that) but the overall feel of the song makes up for it!

I’m really excited about this new single, and I think it will be one of the big ones for the Summer.

Also, Lauv is super cool even though he doesn’t like bacon.  Check out my interview with him from a few years ago.

Lainey Wilson Interview!


I’ve been a fan of Lainey Wilson since I first heard “Things a Man Oughta Know” on the radio, and I’ve always wanted to chat with her. This week, I finally got the chance!!! (I’m a little excited)

AND her new single “Heart Like a Truck” is fantastic, and I’m calling it now… future #1!



I’m just fangirling over here.

New Song of the Week: 5-28-22

I freaking LOVE Ava Max! Every song she’s released has been fun, catchy, and well-written (for a high energy pop song!) and her latest single “Maybe You’re the Problem” does not dissapoint.


Seriously, how fun is this?

And I love the subject.  I mean, what woman hasn’t been in a toxic releationship where the guy made it like SHE was the crazy one when it was actually them.  I know I’ve been there. I made bad releationship choices in my late teens/early twenties.  Thankfully I found a great one- but this song reminds me of some of the losers I’ve dated in the past.  Good times.

Ladies, sometimes it’s totally them, not you. Remember that!