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March 2024

Terri Clark and Ashley McBryde “Better Things to Do”

Did you hear?

90’s Country Icon Terri Clark has a new project coming out called “Terri Clark: Take Two”, which is kind of a re-imagining of her greatest hits featuring some of the biggest female Country stars of today with her on some of her greatest hits.

Growing up on Country Music in the 90’s, Terri Clark was a staple on the radio, and hearing this made me all giddy.

She has teamed up with everyone from Lainey Wilson to Lauren Alaina to Ashley McBryde, and she just released her version of “Better Things to Do” featuring Ashley, who I love.

Check it out!

Cool, right?

I loved this song in Junior High, and full disclosure… I once dedicated this song on the local Country radio station in Henderson, TN to my first “boyfriend” who broke up with me because I was too annoying.

It went over like a turd in a punch bowl, but I made my point.

Oh, good times…

To be fair, 13-year-old me was kind of a weirdo, so I kind of get why he dropped me.

But still… rude.

“Terri Clark: Take Two” drops on May 31st, the same day that the Tom Petty Country tribute “Petty Country” comes out.

Needless to say, I’m pretty dang stoked!

Beyonce and Miley Cyrus “II Most Wanted”

Beyonce released her new album “Renaissance Act II: Cowboy Carter” yesterday, and there are some pretty cool songs on there.

First, let me remind you that Beyonce isn’t “going Country”. She released a Country-ish album because she can. Just like how Dolly Paron released a “Rock” album last Fall. Because why the heck not?

And really, those who are making hateful comments… well, you’re just proving her point on how some close-minded Country fans can be. Not all, mind you. But a lot. Also, that negative attitude isn’t a good look, but hey, you do you.

That being said, this duet she released with Miley Cyrus called “II Most Wanted”, and it’s a really cool track:

First of all, I like that it’s a proper duet- not just a feature artist on a single line or verse.

Second, I love the feel of the song. And it reminds me of the relationship that I have with my husband of almost 17 years- I love being his shotgun rider through life, and this song makes me think of that.

It just has a cool, chill vibe, and I really enjoyed it.

That’s what music is about, right?

Something that you enjoy listening to and moves you.

Have a great weekend!

Toby Keith and Luke Combs “Ships That Don’t Come In”

HARDY released his “HIXTAPE: Vol 3: Difftape” today, on the day that 90’s Country Legend Joe Diffie passed away from Covid back in 2020.

It’s a project full of tributes to the late, great Joe Diffie featuring some of the biggest and brightest in the Country genre, as well as Joe’s vocals.

One of the standouts is the classic “Ships That Don’t Come In” featuring Luke Combs and Toby Keith, who recently passed away last month to stomach cancer.

What noone realized at the time is tha this would be Toby’s final studio recording:

Oh, wow. I’m tearing up over here.

First of all, it’s an amazing song. And then you add Toby and Luke, and it’s just… woah.

Well done.

The full version of  “HIXTAPE Vol. 3: Difftape” is out now, and I’m loving it.

Good call on ALL of it, HARDY.

Beyonce “Jolene”

Beyonce’s highly anticipated “Renaissance Act II: Cowboy Carter” dropped this morning, and what I wanted o hear was her take on Dolly Parton’s iconic “Jolene”, and Beyonce delivered and then some.

She went a rewrote the song from a much stronger woman’s perspective- basically going from the plea “Please don’t take my man” to “Just you try, fool”.

Personally, I think it’s a really cool take on the song. I know Country traditionalists will be freaking out and saying “that ain’t Country” and blowing a total fuse when they hear it. I can feel the heads exploding over here.  But, let’s be honest, Dolly’s version, although a classic, is basically a woman begging another woman not to take her man. That’s dumb. First of all, her man should know better. Second of all, why beg a woman to stay away? You’re giving Jolene all the power. Tell that redheaded hussy to go ahead and try.

This is probably why I’m not a songwriter.

Just in case you need a refresher, here’s the original version:

And really, who is dumb enough to mess with Dolly?


Which version do you prefer?

Dolly’s classic, or Beyonce’s hot take?

Kelly Clarkson “What Was I Made For?”

Welp, Kelly Clarkson just went and did it again!

On today’s “Kellyoke” segment on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, Kelly NAILED her cover of Billie Eilish’s Oscar Award-Winning  “What Was I Made For?” from the “Barbie” movie soundtrack.

I mean, Billie does a great job on the song, but Kelly killed it by using her full voice on the tune, making it sound completely different, and completely amazing.

Really, having Kelly Clarkson cover your song is a double-edged sword.

It’s an honor, but Kelly is likely going to make each song even better than the original.

I mean, hot damn. Woman can SING!

I really love watching her “Kellyoke” covers, and each day she proves what an incredible and versatile vocalist she is.

Catch “The Kelly Clarkson Show” weekdays on NBC.

Slay, girl, slayyyyyy…

Zac Brown Band “Tie Up”

The Zac Brown Band is getting us ready for Summer!

They released a new single called “Tie Up” and it’s inspired by Zac Brown’s favorite place to “tie up” and relax in Lake Lanier, GA.

Now, I’m not a huge boat/beach person- that’s my brother’s thing.  I’m more of a farm/mountain kind of girl, but having spent some time on boats on the lakes of West TN in my teen years, I totally understand the sentiment.

The Zac Brown Band said they wanted to release a feel-good Summer anthem, and I think they delivered!

The ZBB will be kicking off a huge Summer stadium tour wih Kenny Chesney, along with Megan Moroney and Uncle Cracker, and you can get those dates at http://zacbrownband.com
Also, really digging the addition of Caroline Jones to the band’s line up. An absolutely fantastic musican and vocalist, who just so happens to look like a supermodel.



Megan Moroney “28th of June”

Megan Moroney is quickly becoming one of my favorite new artists on the Country Music scene.

Her sultry voice, combined with her stellar songwriting skills and bombshell looks, make her one you can’t miss- in a very good way!

Earlier today, she released a new song called “28th of June”, and it’s the perfect heartbreak song:

Ahhhh! Definitely a gutwrencher. I love that her lyrics are simple, relatable, and almost every song could be a radio single.

Well done, once again, Megan!

She is reportedly working on her new album, and she is on the road this year with Kenny Chesney on his stadium tour this Summer, which means her star will only rise.


More info and tour dates at http://MeganMoroney.com

Pearl Jam “Running”

Happy Friday!

How about Punk Pearl jam to make it even better?

Pearl Jam just released the 2nd song off of their upcoming album “Dark Matter”, and holy cow, they weren’t kidding when they said they were going for a harder sound on this record.

I am LOVING it!

Again, I was never the biggest Pearl Jam fan in the past. I mean, no disrespect, but I just didn’t vibe with their sound (except for “Better Man”- GREAT song), but I have to say, I am definitely digging their harder sound. Reminds me of their early days as a band. I am so glad they are bringing that sound back, and I can’ wait to hear more.

“Dark Matter” will be released April 19th via MonkeyWrench Records/Republic Records.


Post Malone Teases New Collab With Morgan Wallen!

Yep, Post Malone is for real going Country.

And you know what? I certainly ain’t mad at it.

So, last week he teased a possible collab with Luke Combs called “Missin’ You Like This”:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by @postmalone


Yeah, that is gonna be straight fire.

BUT… Posty just dropped another clip of a track with Morgan Wallen, and now I’m even more excited!



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A post shared by @postmalone

Duuuuudddeeee… I can’t wait to hear more!

Stay tuned!

The Top Selling Country Albums of All Time

As a longtime Country Music fan, I thought this was kind of interesting.

Have you ever wondered what Country artist sold the most albums to date?

Not a shocker, many in the Top 10 are 90’s Country artists, when CDs were in their heyday.

Remember buying an entire CD, and paying almost $20 just for a song or two?

Good times.

It WAS great for the record business, though, as evidenced below.

Here are the top ten selling country music albums of all-time, according to RIAA’s album sales:



1.  “Double Live” by Garth Brooks

Released: November 1998

Certified U.S. sales: 23 million

I still have this CD set somewhere. It’s freaking awesome to this day.


2.  “Come on Over” by Shania Twain

Released: November 1997

Certified U.S. sales: 20 million

Again, another classic. One of my favorites during my Senior year in High School.


3.  “No Fences” by Garth Brooks

Released: August 1990

Certified U.S. sales: 18 million

One word: ICONIC


4.  “Ropin’ the Wind” by Garth Brooks

Released: September 1991

Certified U.S. sales: 14 million

Two words: Game Changer

Also, I want that shirt.


5.  “Wide Open Spaces” by Dixie Chicks

Released: January 1998

Certified U.S. sales: 13 million

Let’s be real. They were damn good. A lot of people hate on them, bu their old stuff is pretty dang legit.


6.  “The Woman in Me” by Shania Twain

Released: February 1995

Certified U.S. sales: 12 million

This was a life changer for me.



7.  “Kenny Rogers’ Greatest Hits” by Kenny Rogers

Released: October 1990

Certified U.S. sales: 12 million

To everyone hating on Pop stars going Country… Kenny Rogers started out as a Pop Artist, so, your argument is invalid.

8.  “Fly” by Dixie Chicks

Released: August 1999

Certified U.S. sales: 11 million



9.  “Up!” by Shania Twain

Released: November 2002

Certified U.S. sales: 11 million

Another High School staple for every small-town girl



10.  “Fearless” by Taylor Swift

Released: November 2008

Certified U.S. sales: 10 million

Imma be honest… I prefer Pop Taylor to Country Taylor.

I know, hate me all you want.

Check out the entire Top 40 Best Selling Country Albums of All Time at https://countrychord.com/the-top-40-highest-selling-country-albums-of-all-time/

Fun fact:  Morgan Wallen’s“Dangerous: The Double Album” came in #32 on this list with 6 million in sales even though it was only released in 2021.



Second fun fact:  Garth is #8 all-time out of all genres in album sales.  “Their Greatest Hits” by the Eagles is #1 with 38 million.

Hot. Damn.



What is YOUR favorite Country album of all time?

Drop you comments below: