There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the remake of  Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”, mainly because Ariel is African-American (Who the heck cares? I mean, she’s a cartoon mermaid. Get over yourself) and now because the characters like “Flounder” and “Sebastian” look a little creepy as “live action” characters.  Seriously? This is what bothers people?

I guess I’m too busy having a life to get riled up by such trivial matters.

Anyhow, the remake of the Disney classic “Part of Your World” was just released, and holy smokeronies is it good!

Halle Bailey’s vocals are perfection, and that’s a huge part of the role. “Ariel” is known for her stunning voice (NOT for being Caucasian) and Halle just showed everyone why she was chosen for the role.

I absolutely loved this movie as a kid. As an adult, I’m just not a fan of the theme. Why, yes, change for your man!  And of course, Eric is into a hot chick who can’t talk. Isn’t that every man’s fantasy?

That being said, my main issue with the movie is Ariel wanting to be human. Girl, NO! Humans are nuts. Stay in the sea. Trust me on this!

But the little kid in me is totally here for the live-action remake.

Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” hits theaters May 26th.


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