As time goes on, I am definitely becoming more and more of a Miley Cyrus fan.  I wasn’t into her in her “Hannah Montana” days, nor her music right after. Some of her songs on the “Bangerz” album were good, but her public persona was a bit much for me at the stage of life I was in. But now?  Miley has grown as an artist and a person and is really impressive. These past few years, she has really turned my head as an artist, and she keeps getting better.

Case in point: Her version of Journey’s “Faithfully” at her 31st Birthday Party at Chateau Marmont:

Well, she just slayed that, and made it her own.

“Faithfully” is one of my favorite 80’s Power Ballads, and I love the spin she put on it. She made it her own.

Anyone else hope she releases her version as a single?

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