Like most basic blonde chicks, I love me some Barbie.  Did she give me unrealistic expectations in life? Sure.  But so did everything else I was into growing up.  So, of course, I was kind of curious when I saw there was a “Barbie” movie in the works with Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and Helen Mirren.  I mean, what a cast, right?

The trailer just dropped- get ready for pink overload.

Ok, it looks absolutely ridiculous, but I’m pretty sure that’s the point!

Would I go to theaters and watch it?


But would I stream it on my couch with a bottle of wine?


Look, life is bananas. A little fluff and sparkle always helps lighten things up for a minute.

“BARBIE” hits theaters on July 21st if you want to check it out!


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