I just saw that Uproxx.com made a list of the Top 50 Movie Soundtracks of all time.

Kind of a tall order to rank them, don’t you think?

Here’s their Top 10:

1.  “Purple Rain”,  1984


2.  “Saturday Night Fever”,  1977


3.  “Pulp Fiction”,  1994


4.  “Singles”,  1992


5.  “Super Fly”,  1972


6.  “Boogie Nights”,  1997


7.  “American Graffiti”,  1973


8.  “Dazed and Confused”,  1993


9.  “Trainspotting”,  1996


10.  “A Hard Day’s Night”,  1964

Check the full list https://uproxx.com/indie/best-soundtrack-albums-ranked-list/

Now while I respect most peoples’ opinions on such polarizing subjects, I have to say that I’m pretty damn disappointed to not see “Forrest Gump”, “Almost Famous” and “Blow” on the list.

And even though the movie was kind of lamesauce, what about “City of Angels”? That was a pretty epic 90’s soundtrack and it gave us one of the most overplayed songs of the 20th Century (“Iris” by The Goo Goo Dolls).

Also, is “Purple Rain” really the best movie soundtrack ever? I mean, EVER?

I mean, “Purple Rain” itself is a glorious song, but the entire soundtrack?

So many questions…

What is YOUR favorite movie soundtrack?

What should have made the list, and got totally passed over for something less worthy?

Enlighten me!

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