Morgan Wallen is at the top of his game.

It seems all the controversy from the past few years has only served to propel his to the top- not just of the Country music charts, but the all-genre charts as well. In fact, Morgan Wallen had not only the #1 overall song of 2023 with “Last Night”, he also had the #1 album with “One Thing at a Time”. Again, this is across ALL the genres, not just Country. Not even Taylor Swift could pull that off this past year.

So, of course, some shady people that Morgan used to work with before he hit it big are going to try to capitilize on that.

Here’s what happened, according to Morgan himself:

Yeah, pretty damn shady, but not suprising, sadly.

So, Morgan pulled a Taylor Swift and re-recorded the fan-favorite “Spin You Around” this week:

Again, the song was written a decade ago, when Morgan was just starting out. It’s not terrible, but you can tell  Morgan has definitely grown as a writer since he put out this song. That being said, I’m sure this song will still be streamed like crazy, because, Morgan Wallen.

Oh, and here he is performing it live in 2015:

The hair is just… no.
Also, Morgan said he is hitting the studio next month to begin working on his next project.

Like it or not, Morgan ain’t going anywhere, and I’m totally ok with that.

I remember meeting him and HARDY a few years back at CRS (Country Radio Seminar) in Nashville at the bar at the OMNI hotel. It was right before they hit it big, and they were drunk as hell and just having a good time with their matching mullets. It’s fun to see how far they’ve come since that night in 2019.

That was only 5 years ago. Dang.

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