Morgan Wallen is easily one of the biggest stars on the radio right now- not just in Country, but in Pop as well. His latest album “One Thing at a Time” was released a year ago, and it was the biggest selling album of 2023, and solidified his superstardom.

So, to celebrate such a momentous occasion, Morgan Wallen released a 7 song project called “Abbey Road Sessions” recorded last Fall at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London as a gift to his fans.

And within that project, he released a fan favorite “Lies, Lies, Lies”-  check it out below!


Pretty dang catchy, right? I’m it will end up being another #1 hit because, well, it’s Morgan Wallen. He’s pretty much the Taylor Swift of Country music right now.


Here are the other songs on his project:




“Graveyard Whistling”


“I Deserve a Drink”


“I Wrote the Book”

“Everything I Love”


“Thinkin’ Bout Me”

Pretty cool, right?  What an iconic place to record. Also, he sounds great.

Morgan is currently working on his next project, as well as hitting the road BIG TIME this year.

Get info and dates at

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