Is there anyone cooler than Dolly?

I knew her halftime show for the Cowboys-Commanders game would be good, because, well, it’s Dolly.

But I was NOT expecting the level of awesomeness she was about to unleash on us all.

She literally rocked a custom Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader costume, and did a great set, making everyone forget, once again, that she is 77.

Find the video at the link below- since the NFL is is being weird and won’t let me embed it:

I particularly love the performance, not just because Dolly, but I love the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and was addicted to their “Making the Team” show… which really needs to come back.  The whole thing is a YES from me!

Here’s more on the performance, and the official kickoff to “Rock the Red Kettle” for the Salvation Army:

The Salvation Army is one of the many causes I love to support, and Dolly herself just donated 1 MILLION dollars to it.

We don’t deserve Dolly.


Also, her new “Rockstar” album is fantastic, and you can get more info on that and everything Dolly at

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