Jennifer Lopez just dropped a new single today, and you know what? It’s super fun.

I honestly haven’t been a fan of her music lately, but her new song is catchy and fun, and the video is great!

It kind of pokes fun at her multiple marriages and relationships, and I throuroughly enjoyed watching it.

Also, how the hell is she in her fifties? Good genes? Good doctors? Both?

Who cares. Woman is KILLING it, as always!

I think this may be the perfect restart to her music career. Just an all-around feel-good song.

Go JLo!

Side note: I used to work at the place that she married Ben Affleck at. The estate is located on Hampon Island in Riceboro, GA, where I used to work in the equestrian department in 2007-2009. I got to go to the house once, and even met Ben a few times.

I kid you not.

Super nice guy, and I’m happy for him and Jennifer.

Best of luck to them both! They deserve it.

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