The older I get, the more I appreciate The Beatles.

For the longest time, I had “The Rolling Stones > The Beatles” mentality, but as I get older, and slightly more melow (slightly), I am finding more enjoyment it The Beatles’ catalouge.

So, upon seeing this today, I wanted to share in case you haven’t realized that this now exists… an actual music video for the iconic Beatles track “Let it Be”!

It was released yesterday, and it’s from the “Get Back” Beatles documentary now streaming on Disney + which was directed by the legendary Peter Jackson.

This music video was compiled from in-studio footage from the day after their Apple Corps. London rooftop concert in 1969.

Pretty cool, right?

Definitely one of my favorite Beatles tunes.

Great advice- if only I could sctually learn to take it!

More on the  “Get Back” documentary at

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