In case you’ve been under a rock or something, HARDY is ne of the biggest names in Country right now, and moonlights as a Rock singer as well. He had his first #1 on Mainstream Rock last year with “Jack”, and it was one of my favrite songs of 2023:

HARDY is not only continuing to dominate the Country world, but is getting full on into Rock as well. He announced his first full-length Rock album “Quit!” which will be released on July 12th.

To get you ready for it, he just released his new song “Psycho” today, and I’m digging both the song and the video:

This song reminds me of an ex or two.

I mean, that’s kind of scary, but at least it’s relateable?

I know there’s some complaints about genre-crossing artists, but I’m really enjoying the dual musical stylings of artists like HARDY, Jelly Roll and Chris Stapleton.

Who says you have to stay in your lane?

I never really subscribed to that notion.

HARDY has a full rest f 2024 ahead, and you can get info, dates, and more at

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