College Football is BACK!

And K-State kicked off their season with a bang- not just by smoking Southeast Missouri State 45-0 at Bill Snyder Family Stadium- but by their Marching band “The Pride” performing a Metallica medley during the halftime show.

They’re taking part in a Nationwide Marching Band competition that Metallica set forth earlier this year.

How cool was that?

K-state and Manhattan, KS will always hold a huge piece of my heart, as my husband and I were stationed at Fort Riley from 2011-2016, and many great memories were made in the MHK and at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.


Oh, and fun fact: I got to host a “Welcome to Aggieville” video for a NYE local broadcast in 2012.

Ahhhh… so many great Manhattan memories.  Such an amazing little city. Plus, I love the color purple, so I fit in just fine.

Here’s hoping for another Big 12 Championship and then some.



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