It’s hard to believe that we lost the legendary Jimmy Buffett just over a week ago. That one is hard to get over… he was such a fun, happy soul, and it felt like he’d be chugging Margaritas on Earth forever.

His music will of course carry on his legacy, as well as his outlook on life, and he’s releasing a posthumous album this Fall called “Equal Strain on All Parts” which features some pretty rad guests like Sir Paul McCartney.  And lucky for us, three songs have been released from the album to get us ready.

“Bubbles Up”:

How can you not love that one? It’s an automatic burst of joy just listening to it, which, of course, was how Jimmy rolled in life.

“My Gummy Just Kicked In”:

I know the feeling… which is why I stay away from gummies.

“Like My Dog”:

Pretty much every guy can relate to that one.  Except my husband, because my dog has waaaay more attitude than I do. Plus, I don’t shed.


I just wanted to share those nuggets of happiness in case you needed a pick-me-up today.

It’s what Jimmy would have wanted.

“Equal Strain on All Parts” comes out November 3rd.

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