Well, dang.

Kelly Clarkson has gone and done it again.

Now that her “Kelly Clarkson Show” show is back on the air, she’s going all kinds of viral for her “Kellyoke” songs, where she covers a random song on each show.

Well, she decided to cover a Cody Johnson song this week, so of course, being a CoJo fan, I had to give it a listen.

Ommmgggg… she just nailed it. Like, right through the board.

I tell no lies.

By the way, Cody Johnson has a new double album called “Leather” dropping next Friday, Nov 3rd, and you know I’ll be sharing gems from that!

You know what would really be cool, though?

A Kelly Clarkson Country Covers album.

Ya know???

It kind of needs to happen.


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