We knew we were getting new Pearl Jam soon, and lead singer Eddie Vedder said to expect a “harder” sound on this record, which, I was prety pumped for.

Well… got a pleasant surprise this morning when they dropped the title track of their 12th studio album “Dark Matter”, and it kills.

Damn. That’s good.

It’s reminds me of the early Pearl Jam days, which is not a bad thing.

Now, honestly, I’ve not always been the biggest Pearl Jam fan- I like some of their songs, but I don’t worship at the altar of Eddie Vedder like some of my friends do, but I appreciate them as a band, and this new single is really badass.

Rock isn’t dead.

Sorry Gene Simmons.

Pearl Jam’s new album “Dark Matter” drops April 19th, and you can find out more at http://pearljam.com

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