Jason Aldean just put out a new single, “Try That in a Small Town”, and I have a feeling it’s his next #1 hit.  Because it’s Jason Aldean, and no matter how generic a song is, if he sings it, it’s an automatic #1 at Country Radio (he and Luke Bryan have this in common), and also, because the content speaks to a majority of the Country demographic.  Having grown up in a small town (Henderson, TN- look it up, ya’ll), it spoke to me as well.  My husband and I both hail from small West Tennessee towns, and this song is spot on.  And honestly? It’s not a bad thing.  Life truly is different in the Country, and I really can’t wait to return one day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great to live in all kinds of parts of the US, and experience different ways to live, but small-town life on the farm will always be where my heart lies.

And good luck taking anyone’s guns in a small town.  Especially my husband’s!

Yep, small town life truly is different, and again, not a bad thing.  A lot of my “City Friends” hate on the lifestyle, but until you have truly lived it and experienced it, don’t judge, ok?

Except for mudding. I still can’t figure out why people think that’s fun?


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